Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Swimming the Channel part 2

I am now one sixth of the way through my channel swimming challenge. I am somewhat behind schedule but I don’t really care as I am reaping a multitude of benefits from my now frequent visits to the local swimming pool.

1. I have lost a kilo (I don’t use pounds and stones any more as they are too depressing)
2. My arms are firming up nicely and an now somewhat less bingo wingy
3. My arse is shrinking and I can now fit into the nice M&S knickers I accidentally purchased a size too small.
4. I’m feeling a bit fitter.
5. I have been enjoying the sight of numerous fit young men who fill out their speedos very nicely indeed.

I like swimming.

PS: I can now do 50% more lengths in a session than I could a month ago. Yay me !

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  1. Go for it and use whatever you need for motivation.