Wednesday, 20 August 2008

When TV makes you cry

If you were watching Hollyoakes a few moths ago you would have seen the sad, sad funeral of poor dead Max Cunningham. Max had only been married to the vacuous Stephanie Della Dean for a matter of hours before being run over and killed by Nial the psychotic hairdresser.

Surprisingly (for we are talking about Hollyoakes) the funeral was extremely touching. In fact it was so touching that I cried. I was fine right up until the part where Stephanie Della Cunningham (nee Dean) sang an extremely moving acapella version of the Sugababes 'About you now'. Who ever would have thought that the Sugababes would write a pop song appropriate for a funeral.

I’ve never been to a real funeral – thankfully no one close to me has ever died.
If had I don’t think I would have cried, just like I don’t cry at weddings, which I find a bit boring and very embarrassing. Fictional weddings however, I sob my eyes out at. Did you see the last episode of The Vicar of Dibley? I cried with joy at that wedding. Conversely I sobbed my eyes out with fictional grief at the fictional funeral of the fictional character Max Cunningham, who I didn’t even like that much because he was quite annoying and a bit of a prat.

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