Thursday, 6 March 2008

happy happy joy joy

Today is a wonderful day.
Today I am truly happy - for a quite shallow reason.
Today I went to the dentist to have my crown fitted and my teeth polished.

Today I casualy mentioned the awful yellow stains that have blighted my front teeth since my braces were removed as a teenager. satins which my previous dentist told me were decay due to decalcification of the tooth enamel under the dental cement 'It happens some times' she said.

I thought that perhaps in the 15 or so years since then by some small miracle there may have been some dental invention to restore my pearly whites to - pearly white. There hadn't. the only option she could offer was crowns or drilling out the decay and filling it. I said no to both.

So my dentist said she would have a go with the polisher and see if that made any difference.

It did. Because it wasn't decay at all. It was the dental cement that held the braces on. That first stupid bitch of a dentist hadn't taken it off properly.

If I wasn't so happy at having nice teeth again (and of a more litigous nature), I'd call Injury lawyers for you and sue her BMW driving arse for emotional trauma!


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  2. A post a day was your new years resolution. I think you've slipped a teeny bit.