Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New perverts, same old perversions

While checking my search referals over the past few months I have noticed some interesting changes.

People seem to have stopped ending up at my blog due to searches for Fern Cotton Porn and Pictures of Nigel Harman.

Nigel Harman is no longer in Eastenders and has largely dropped off our tv screens and thus the collective conciousness of the female population of the UK - so no surprise there.

But Fern Cotton is far more popular now than she was when I mentioned her in my original post. Recently she's been on so many tv programs that it's surprising when you turn on the telly and find she isn't hosting which ever crap reality tv show happens to be on. Even more of a shock is not finding Fern gracing the style pages of what ever trashy magazine you happen to be flicking through.

Perhaps this oversaturation of Fern Cotton in the media has caused the select few who trawled the internet in search of explicit Fern photography to give up interest or maybe some clever-cloggs has photoshopped Ferns head onto a couple of page 3 'models' therefore negating the need of the Fern Cotton enthusiast to trawl the search results pages as far down as my blog is listed? Either way they're not coming to my blog any more.

The people who are coming to my blog however are still mostly just interested in naked pitures of women. Witness the following search results:

1. German bondage lesbians
2. Big tit Ethiopian girls
3. Full moon party naked girl
4. Girls in suspenders

I also got a guy looking for advice:
1. how do you get a girl to shag you

I doubt I was any help.


  1. people clearly do open up to google, don't they? they let google know what they're truly after.

    anyway, looks like you're trying to increase fern cotton (yes, i said Fern Cotton) and porn traffic to your blog.

    fern cotton fern cotton

  2. I think I'd be quite embarrassed if anyone looked up my search history. Though not too perverted, they might get a good idea of all my weird grown up crushes (Benedict Cumberbatch at the mo)! Luckily I know nothing about IT wizardry and have no idea who might come across my blog. probably two friends, plus one man, and a dog...