Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Anticipation makes the blog more enjoyable Dave !

After the Davesters gentle prod to get blogging I thought I'd update you all on the incredibly boring events going on in my life.

1. My evening course has just come to an end. The teacher was a bitch who gave me a shitty mark on my assignment, because she's a Bitch. My work was great and she was jealous because I'm better than her and 'cos she a Bitch.

2. My next evening course is due to start imminently. I hope that this teacher isn't a bitch who gives me bad marks because she is intimidated by my genius. I mean so what if that first Bitch was a journalist with 30 years experience - does she have a blog with 3 regular readers, does she? no she bloody doesn't. The Bitch.

3. I Realised I had 15 days of holiday which I have to use before April so took this week and next week off.

4. Re jiggled my finances, then overspent and buggered it all up again.

5. Agreed to go away with Mother Earth for 3 days. I'm looking forward to lots of cheap beer.

6. During one of my regular marathon explorations of the back streets of the west end in search of quirky stuff and short cuts I got caught short and popped into Claridges for the loo. The hand lotion was top quality.

7. Went to the British Library, because i hadn't ever been there before. I thought it would be bigger.

8. Walked all the way to the local Tescos superstore twice in one day. The first time to buy some Tahini - they didn't have any. The second time to post a package at the Post Office.

9. Have spent the last 3 days eating very badly.

10. Found a copy of Clue on sale in HMV and purchased it Immediately. "I am, your singing telegram!" Love it !!!!!

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