Friday, 28 December 2007

What earth girl did

I had an uneventful Christmas Day, blessed by the failure of my family to descend upon us until early evening.

I bought a beautiful skirt from Monsoon on boxing day, followed by a panic attack in Accessorise due to the sheer volume of people in such a small space.

The next day I loitered outside John Lewis on Oxford Street at 9am for the start of the sale (so I'd avoid the crowds and another panic attack).

I then hit Bravissimo - the specialist bra shop for the more well endowed lady, and was mightily disappointed by the contents of the sales rack.

I then wandered the west end browsing the sales for another couple of hours and showed seriously impressive self restraint in my meagre purchases.

And then I went to the cinema to see St Trinnians. I was extremely disappointed. It was almost as bad as 1980s (completely shit and therefore little remembered) 'The Wild cats of St Trinians'. To be any good it would need a complete re-edit, some serious rewriting and a complete re-cast (with the exception of Russel Brand - who was excellent, but under utilised). Like the last Carry On film it was a poor modern addition to a much loved classic series. What the film makers just didn't seem to understand is that what made the original St Trinnians movies great was not the pretty girls in suspenders, blokes in drag and dumb sight gags. It was the well crafted plot, solidly written script and great casting. This new film is just a poor excuse for a gross out comedy full of unfunny sight gags and gratuitous shots of girls in suspenders.


  1. Thanks for the comments. In all fairness Cardiff is not usually as dirty as that shot. Have a happy New Year, will you do something special?

  2. How could anyone replace Alistair Sim as Miss Fritton? The girls were never funny in St Trinians, it was the character roles from the 1950s that made it what it was.