Thursday, 20 December 2007

Glad tidings we bring

Christmas is fast approaching (just five days to go) and the only place that I feel even remotely Christmasy is the Office. sad but true. There are no decorations on our desks but there is a big christmas tree in the foyer decked out in the corporate colours.

I brought in a Christmas cake baked with my own fair hands yesterday and it went down a treat as witnessed by the scant few crumbs left on the plate come 5pm.

‘your xmas cake is gorgeous’
‘I’m most impressed. I may have to sneak down to the kitchen and have some more’

Those are the kinds of emails that make my heart warm !

And finally I received a big bloggy Christmas present in the return of Universal Solider to the blogsphere. Welcome back Uni!


  1. Nice to be back - have a good Christmas.

  2. Have a great Christmas, and enjoy the break.