Monday, 10 December 2007

Stupid Teenagers

Aparently the gang on my road have named themselves the Crips - in a feeble minded atempt to imitate the notorious LA gang. Their rivals the Bloods - also unimaginatively named after an LA gang, who just so happen to be the arch rivals of the LA Crips are all ex members of the Crips (the Crips from my street not LA).

My twelve year old cousin was asked by a gang member on the bus "Who you repin'?" 'cos the Crips don't want any Blood on their teritory. He's twelev and was wering his school uniform for fucks sake and I really don't feel safe walking home in the dark.

I saw a durg deal in the entrance to the alley behind the shops. I really want to report this shit to the police. But I really don't want to get involved. Mostly for fear of reprisals. I know they're only stupid little fuckwit teenagers. But there stupid little fuckwit teenagers with knives and guns and pitbulls.


  1. Thats scary. Its horrible feeling uncomfortable when walking around your local area. try dialling 101 and informing them that way.

  2. The world is going down the flusher :) Down here in Chavland *cough*Essex*cough* we have two gangs, a Crew and some Rangerz. With a Z.

    I guess I am getting old. Well, OldER ;)

    Hi, by the way :)