Tuesday, 27 March 2007

the worst film ever made

Now that I am 'between jobs' I have decided that to kill time by de-cluttering the Sky+ box and watching the hundreds of hours (well, 20 or 30 hours) of films and TV shows I have recorded over the past few months.

Yesterday morning I watched the 1984 debacle Cat People. What a pile of shit. People that turn into leopards and shag their siblings because if they shag normal people they turn into black leopards and can't turn back into humans until they kill someone. Who comes up with this shit ?

In typical 80s adult movie style there were plenty of gratuitous and unnecessary bare breasts and a theme song by David Bowie - who must have been suffering a temporary song writing skills brain drain on the day he wrote it.

The films only saving grace was some bare chest action courtesy of a young, buff John Heard - Mmmmm ...

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  1. Hey...whats with staying in now that spring is here. When you get another job you will be inside then and I bet you, like many of us, will be wishing you were outside. Take some pics of your area and post them for us.