Friday, 6 April 2007

Aliens sighted over Paris !

I wish ! It would have livened up my quiet weekend away. These UFOs are actually just lights reflected in the window through which I took the picture.
Hiding from the rain in Galeries Lafayette (the Paris equivalent of Selfridegs) I came across a beautiful swimsuit which I would have never been able to wear because my boobs would have fallen out of it.
I strolled down Avenue de L'Opera to the Louvre but didn't go in because it was expensive and I've already seen the Mona Lisa. I window shopped on Rue de Rivoli then found my way to the Pompidou Centre before realising I'd already been there on my last trip to Paris. So instead I opted for the Ile de cite and the Memorial to the deported.
The memorial itself is tucked away at the tip of the island and tucked away behind Notre Dame. A small garden leads to a bunker cut deep into the stone. Inside lies a memorial to the thousands of French citizens deported to concentration camps in Eastern Europe during WW2.

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  1. Do they still let you climb the stairs to the roof of Notre Dame? I remember doing that and enjoying the views and doing the usual Quasimodo impersinations.