Saturday, 17 March 2007

Wembley stadium

We went to the community open day at Wembley Stadium today.

I wasn't impressed. First they opened the gates 15 minutes late and confiscated my bottle of water at the turnstile. The the idiot usher spent half an hour directing people to the wrong seats - plenty of arguments ensued and I finished reading the last 3 chapters of my book - queing for coffee.

We got to see 2 short football matches. One match was a line up of celebrities v pro footballers. But don't ask me who was playing because the sound from the PA system was so awful no one could make out a bloody word.

To sum it up in one word - disappointing.


  1. This is what happens when things are done on a shoestring.

  2. I think the main problem was the staff not having a clue, but hopfuly as time goes on they'll get rid of the clueless ones and the others will learn how to run things smoothly

  3. I'm sure it will. I only said that tongue in cheek as we have the millenium stadium. But Wembley looks huge and image it full and fans screaming, an awesome atmosphere.