Thursday, 11 May 2006

On the road again

Greetings from Thailand!

I t feels good to be on the move and you'll be pleased to hear I have cheered right up after I vented my spleen in the last post.

I was actually quite cheerful as I left for the airport and apart form a minor heart attack when I thought I'd gone to the wrong airport everything went smoothly.

I was given an impromptu tour of Kuala Lumpur by my taxi driver who told me all about his sister the nurse who works in an old folks home in harrow on the hill.
After a full day of sight seeing (ok window shopping) I flew to Bangkok, where I came down with a bad case of shopping fever.

It's just that everything is so cheap and so pretty and I get carried away haggling...

My haul after 2 days totals:

2 pair of Thai fisherman's pants
1 T-shirt
2 hand bags
3 paintings
4 post cards
2 books of post cards (I was emotionally blackmailed by the little girl selling them)
3 cushion covers
1 tailor made 3 piece suit and 2 tailor made shirts (70 quid for the lot! How could I turn that down?)
2 floaty scarves

I think a trip to the post office and a big box are in order.


  1. Hello Earth Girl,
    just thought you would like to know that we are studying your blogs in Winstanley College! In Wigan, Winstanley- thats England by the way. Must say you talk about some weird stuff on here, are you perhaps a bit bitter?
    Lots of Love Block 4 English Language A Level
    Send us a reply for when we get back from our exams! p.s Are you single- Peo likes you a lot

  2. What advice can you give me about tailors in Kuala Lumpur? Have your suits fallen apart?

  3. I bought my suit in Bangkok not KL so I can't really give you specific advice. There are lots of tailor shops and you should shop around to get the best price - don't be afraid to ask for a discount with large purchases you will often get one. Also a GOOD tailor will require you to have at least 3 fittings before comepleting the suit. anything that only takes a few hours and a set of measurements isn't going to be very good and is quite likely to fall apart.
    Don't pay for the whole thing upo front though you may be asked for a deposit or part payment which is reasonable. This way if you are unhappy with the finished product you with hold payemnt untill problems are fixed.
    Also if you have a specific suit in mind take along a picture and they will make an exact copy for you ( this is how you choose a suit anyway from the designey catalogs in the store).
    Good luck