Saturday, 6 May 2006

26 hours

26 hours until I leave Australia.

I don't want to go. I don't want to stop traveling and having fun. I want to keep seeing new things and meeting new people. I don't want to go home to the same old boring life I had before. Get up go to work, come home from work watch TV, go to bed. Friday night after work drinks and Saturday roaming the High Street.

I want to see my family I miss them but after I've said Hello I want to leave again, come back here. But can't, because it won't ever be the same, it's all over.

It's would be like coming back to the hostel in Melbourne. I had such a great time here. I had such good friends we had a little community, however temporary. Now I am back and those people I left behind have drifted away one by one, to be replaced with new faces with new relationships and new dynamics of their own ones to which I don't belong any more because my time has passed. I hover on the outside, welcomed but not belonging. Things can't ever be the way they were.

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