Monday, 8 August 2005

tales from the call centre

The evening shift at the call centre is a small team. It consists of Me, Stonerboy, Deep fry, Shy guy, Ginger girl and Welsh surfer.

Ginger girl and Welsh surfer have one of those boy-girl friendships where they both clearly fancy each other but get on so well they don't want to spoil things by getting involved.

Deep fry likes to harras the staff at the MacDonnalds every tea break by asking them to deep fry random stuff for him, like apples, caramel sundays, orange juice and cheeseburgers. They always refuse but he's determined to get them to do it one day.

Stoner used to be a door to door salesman. People used to phone up his company and complain about him being too pushy. He used to get a $50 bonus every time they did. "Good on yah mate your doin' your job well if people are complainin' about ya!".
He got told off yesterday for shouting "stupid fucking whore" after a woman hung up on him.

Most of the office likes to say "Fucking old people!" after about 30% of our calls. They're annoying, they either can't hear you or don't understand what you're trying to tell them. Most of the time when you get an old person on the line you try and get rid of them by saying stuff like "Do you want to change phone company?" which always gets you a "No!" and allows you to hang up and get on with the next call.

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