Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Life in a backpacker hostel

If you're wondering what it's like to live in a backpacker hostel try taking these easy steps to recreating the experience at home.

1. Label all your food in the fridge and mark the level on your bottle of orange juice so you can tell if anyone is stealing it.

2. When no one is looking steal some of the milk from an unlabeled carton in the fridge (they'll never know).

3. Swap your nice comfy bed for a bunkbed that squeaks. Ask a random stranger from the street to move in and start sleeping on it.

4. Get your new room mate to set their alarm clock to go off at 5am and then rustle plastic bags for 20 minutes after it has gone off.

5. Ask your new room mate to come home drunk at 3am and make loads of noise in the hallway outside your room before barging in, turning on the lights and then passing out and snoring really loudly for the rest of the night.

6. Get your new room mate to shag their partner on the top bunk while you try to sleep on the bottom bunk.

7. Turn off your hot water heater so you can only ever have cold showers.

8. Ask someone to steal some of your carefully labeled food from the fridge and then sympathize with you when you complain about 'dirty thieving bastards who have no respect for other peoples property'.

9. Invite 20 people over to watch TV in your lounge. Before they arrive turn the TV over to a History channel documentary on the life if Ghengis Khan and then hide the remote.

10. Try and get your landlord to let you stay rent free in exchange for housework.


  1. Sounds like a bundle of laughs - I must try it sometime! It must be better than a humdrum life back in boring old London though?

  2. Oh yes, life as a backpacker is great dispite the minor problems you run into.