Tuesday, 30 August 2005

the final word on the call centre

I have quit the call centre for good. Well actually I got fired, but I knew it was coming and I hated the place anyway. I only went in on Monday because I had a few call backs to do that I had acquired on Saturday (when I made one whole sale!). Nothing came of them and so the day shift manager called me into the office 15 mins before the end of the shift.

She confirmed my suspicions that she was actually planning to fire me on Thursday but the miracle of my 2 sales in a row - just as she was about to call me into the office saved me from the chop. Apparently she is legendary for sacking people on a Thursday so she doesn't have to pay them the weekly retainer (by sacking on a Thursday she prevents them doing the 5 consecutive shifts necessary to qualify for it). The Bitch.

She also said that she knew that I and 3 other staff from the night shift had been into the rival call centre across the road on Friday lunch time. Apparently they have an gentleman's agreement that they won't poach each others staff and she was most upset that I would try and go behind her back to get another job. This is from the woman who wanted to sack me so she wouldn't have to pay me!

Anyway, I was informed that if I wanted to seek employment from them now I had to write a letter of resignation which I had to get her to sign otherwise the place across the road won't touch me with a barge pole.

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