Sunday, 28 August 2005

ever changing plans

I know I swore blind I was leaving Brisbane today and that Friday was going to be my last ever day at the call centre. But things happen, plans change, life takes a twist. Specifically, this tends to happen when you realize you have spent far too much money this week and need too do at leat one more week of work in order to be able to afford to leave and do the things you want.

I was having a beer with my friend the chef yesterday and she was saying she might have to leave Australia next week and go home to work. At the moment she has enough money for a ticket home. She could go home work for a year save tones of cash and then come back out on one of the new 4 year working holiday visas.

It's typical that they go and introduce them after I arrived here. On my crappy one year visa (which is all that was available when I left) I am not allowed to work for one employer for more than 3 months. On the new visa you can work in one job for up to a year.

Most employers don't want to know you if you can only stay for 3 months. Even the manager at Nandos was like "by the time I get you trained up you'll have to leave" (yeah 'cos I'm so stupid it'll take me 3 months to learn how to use a till and serve chicken in a basket. Moron.)

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