Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Is your monthly phone bill over $60 ?

Because if it is I can save you some money !

Yes, I have joined the ranks of evil also known as telemarketers.

Yesterday I spent 8 hours interrupting peoples dinner to try and convince them to switch their home phone to a new provider. In all honesty, the product I am pushing is quite a good one and most people would be better off on our plan. But most people aren't interested and stubbornly stick to Telstra.

I don't blame them though as I don't ever buy anything from people who phone me up at home. I always hang up on telemarketers which is probably why I hate doing this job so much. But I need the money.

Oh and there are 2 new posts about LA and Las Vegas if you look at last months postings.

Ta ta for now. xXx

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