Tuesday, 26 July 2005

hot topics of backpacker conversation

Toady the hot topic of conversation in the hostel is the thief who was up to no good last night.

Somehow a bloke with blond hair and grey trousers managed to get hold of one of housekeepings master keycards and used it to enter every room on the second floor. Fortunatly at 11pm plenty of people in the hostel are still wideawake and chilling out in their rooms, so when a strange bloke walks in and out of every room on a floor everyone notices and the matter is quickly reported to reception and a posse of angry blokes quickly forms to ferret out the little bastard.

Unfortunately they didn't catch up with him. He disappeared as soon as he was rumbled. But that didn't stop every one from being on edge for the rest of the night.

The formerly relaxed attitude to valuables and personal property has now been shaken up and people are now carrying their valuables around with them instead of casually discarding them in the relative safety of their rooms.

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