Tuesday, 26 July 2005

why run if you have nothing to hide?

Yesterday one of the girls in the hostel told me that an innocent Brazilian man had been shot dead by London police becouse they thought he was a suicide bomber.
I didn't believe her. That sort of thing just doesn't happen in the UK.

I was horrified when I found out it was true.

This sort of thing just doen't happen in the UK. The British Police aren't a bunch of gun crazy gung-ho ametures, yet they have suddenly instigated a Shoot to kill policy against suspected suicide bombers.

The dead man was shot becouse he ran away from the police when he was challenged by them. It is speculated that he did this becouse he was in the country on a student visa which had expired. I suppose he feard being deported back to Brazil.

It is not at all uncommon for police and immigration services to swoop at Tube Stations to catch people unawares as they travel to and from work. I have seen it myself on several occasions.

Labour peer Lord Ahmed warned that illegal immigrants would try to run away if challenged by police.

"And whilst we need to catch those illegal immigrants or asylum seekers, nevertheless we can't shoot them because they're not terrorists," he said.
(BBC News)

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