Sunday, 24 July 2005

share the germs

I have made friends with a South African girl who is in my room at the hostel. Well actually she made friends with me. She was quite determined about it actually.

She's a bit odd. She keeps wanting to share stuff with no regards for germs.

As you are by now probably sick of hearing, I have been quite ill for the past 2 weeks. She knows this, she sees the runny nose and hears the coughing and the violent hacking up of phlem. So quite why she would then ask to take a bite of food from the same fork as me or a sip of drink using the same straw or offer to let me stick my finger in her pot of lip balm is beyond me.

When I'm around someone who is ill I try to not even breathe in the air they have just exhaled for fear of catching something. She seems determined to ingest whatever bacteria and viruses my body has expelled forth. I just don't get it. Maybe they didn't study hygiene at her posh private school.

P.S: I have just added a back dated post about San Francisco (with pictures) which you can read Here

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