Friday, 22 July 2005

More bombs in London

I was just about to log off the internet when I noticed a news head line that another set of 4 bombs have gone off in London (suspected to be the work of a copycat group).

I am so glad I'm in Australia at the moment and not having to live with that kind of fear. The press here is still reporting daily on the first set of bombs and the Australian victims who are still in hospital.

Yesterday Australian Premier John Howard visited 2 of them in hospital in London and was asked by one if he thought the Iraq war had anything to do with the attacks. Looking very awkward he said and which targeted Australian holiday makers had happened before the Iraq war.

I read somewhere that there is no need for suicide bombings in a Liberal democratic society such as the UK. How right they are. There is no shortage of avenues for expressing your political messages and ideology to a national audience without fear of censorship or retribution, so why resort to violence?

Certainly there are many areas of the word where free speech is not a right or a privilege and the only way to get you message across is through dramatic action. The UK is not one of these places.

The only thing these people are doing is inspiring hatred and negativity towards their cause.

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