Friday, 22 July 2005

Common sense is in short supply

The day after I arrived in Australia I emailed my CV (thats a Resume to everyone outside the UK) to a temp agency I had found. On the Monday I got an email saying that my CV hadn't attached properly and could I send it again.

I did and didn't hear another word until I emailed her a week later to see if she had received the email. She informed me that she had but she couldn't contact me as I had only given her a UK mobile phone number.

Ok, fair enough, her boss may not be to pleased about her making international phone calls but she had my email address. Why couldn't she have emailed me to ask me to come in to register?

This ranks right up there with the time at my old job when I was urgently trying to contact an 18 year old student. I had sent her several letters which included a reply slip and prepaid envelope for her to give me an answer at absolutely no cost to herself what so ever. Eventually I spoke to the girls mother who gave me her email address. This is what the halfwit wrote to me in her reply email: "I was unable to phone you with a response as I do not have a mobile phone."

Ignoring the all prepaid envelopes and reply slips that were in with the letters I sent her, HAS SHE NEVER HEARD OF A PAY PHONE?!!!!

For Gods sake people use your heads.

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