Monday, 18 July 2005

Earth Girl gets her hearing back

My bunged up ear finaly popped this morning, right before I puked up the banana I had for breakfast. Surprisingly it tasted almost the same on the way up as it did on the way down. Grossed out yet ?

Since I have nothing to do all day except lay in the TV room infecting everyone with my germs. I have had plenty of time to catch up with my travel journal.

I have been keeping a daily diary of what I've been up to but have fallen behind since arriving here. It's not very interesting stuff it mostly follow the format of 'saw such and such sight today, spoke to a girl from Sweden in the kitchen, this city sucks/is okay'. Very boring stuff , but it's still good to keep a record of it. When I'm old and grey I'll have something to look back on - if I can still read my writing.

I've also had the opportunity to compose blog posts to fill in the huge gap in time and space where my posts jump from arriving in San Francisco to leaving Fiji. So expect some back dated posts soon. But don't worry I'll let you know which ones they are.

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