Thursday, 7 April 2005

the tale of the burnt tongue

Yes, I burnt my tongue again. But this time is was on some crappy Vietnamese food instead of a mug of hot chocolate.

I've gone off hot chocolate; maybe it's the advent of spring that has dulled my obsession.... But that's completely off-topic.

Today’s topic revolves around the plate of crappy chicken in ginger with water chestnuts and boiled rice, which I had for dinner last night. It was served at a temperature hot enough to scald a huge patch of my tongue.

The night started out well, we had a few drinks in a bar, where we could have had a really nice meal, if it wasn't for the picky vegetarians and their complaints that they didn't like the veggie options. (That’s what you get for having deviant dietary requirements- you wingers)

So we headed out to find somewhere with more Veggie choice and ended up at a tiny Vietnamese restaurant down the road. I was quite excited, as I've never had Vietnamese food before. I needn't have been, it was awful.

In fact the meal I was served was the kind of slop you get out of a packet at the supermarket i.e. a load of ‘oriental’ veg and some dubious meat coved in slime.

I was so disappointed I had to drown my sorrows with 2 pints of larger.


  1. I've got to learn to display my disappointment in the same manner that you do!

  2. Well if you fancy expressing your disapointment tonight your welcome to hop on a plane across the pond and join us in the pub tonight. It should only take about 8 hours. If you leave now you should just make it ...

  3. After the day I've had today, I could totally use a few pints in a great location to help blow off some steam. Instead, living in Ohio means renting a movie and grabbing a six pack of cheap beer.