Monday, 11 April 2005

Mr Toms friday night

Mr Tom is a rather cynical and sarcastic type of guy, which is why it's so surprising that he is such an amazingly happy drunk, and when I say happy, I mean REALLY HAPPY. In fact he was so happy, that it nearly sparked a fight.

Mr Tom was happily staring into space giggling to himself when a bloke at a nearby table took exception and tried to kick off. Luckliy Tom was so pissed it passed over his head and Carl was able to step in and resolve the situation with a quiet word along the lines of 'don't hit him he's pissed'.

An hour later we managed to get Tom all the way to the tube station and down onto the platform without too much trouble. But, unfortunatly this led to us being rather complacent about Toms willingness to behave on the rest of the journey.

It was then that we learnt 'you should never underestimate the determination of a drunk'. When we relaised how drunk Tom was we decided that it was best if he stayed over at Carls. Tom was insistant that he go home but we were more sober and there were two of us so we assumed we won the argument. We were wrong.

When we arrived on the platform there was a train waiting. It wasn't the one we needed to get Carl and Tom to South London so carl and I both looked up at the arivals board to see when the next train was due. It never occured to us that Tom would leap on to the train a second before the doors closed. As the train pulled out of the station he waved goodbye with a drunken grin.

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  1. Mr Tom sounds like someone I'd definitely enjoy going out to drink with!