Tuesday, 5 April 2005

Now that the inital excitement is over...

...I'm a bit stuck on blog topics. None of my stock pile of posts seems quite right and there has been no progress to update you with. I guess I'll just pick something at random.

Here goes:
My cousin is in the process of applying to universities. After a reccent visit to check out Bristol University he sent me this:
'The wierdest thing was that in Bristol people actually stand at the bus stops in queue's! No pushing or cramming on to the bus! how freaky, all the passengeners thank the bus driver afterwards!'

This is not something that happens in London. Ever.

London has become a sprawling free for all when it comes to bus ques. People loiter around the bus stop like a cloud. The concept of forming an actual que being totaly alien to them.

Getting on a London bus during rush our necesetates a survival of the fittest attitude, and those who can't hack it better by a pair of walking shoes.

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  1. Christ, i don't pop in for a few days and everything changes. You quit or job, you get creative block and people in Bristol are actually polite!

    I need a lie down.