Monday, 4 April 2005


Ever since my news became public people have been congratulating me. Litteraly congratualting me for quitting. They'll miss me but they are happy for me that I finaly did it - as opposed to just being happy that I'm leaving!

It's a really nice feeling to know that people care about me and want me to be happy.

I have decided that I'm going to spend the summer as a Camp councillor in the US or Canada. I'm hoping that the drastic change in environment (not to mention all that fresh air and exercise) will help me get my head together and finally decide what I want to do with my life.

I'll let you read part of the email my friend sent me after I told her my news it sums things up nicely.

'who knows it could be the best thing you've ever done, or the worst I suppose, either way it'll change your life COMPLETELY!!! And in the long run for the better!!'


  1. Hey,
    If you head to the States, let me know if you need anything. I'll be more than glad to help ya out.

  2. Thank you ! You may live to regret that offer though when I turn up unanounced with 5 other camp councillors and stay at your house for a week. . .

    Another perosn has just congratualted me and told me how happy she is for me !
    I can honestly say I've never felt so Loved. It's the greatest feeling!!!

  3. LOL ... well, if you show up the 1st week of August with 5 counselours, you'll be just in time to help me move apartments!! Don't worry, I'm buying the pizza and beer for helping me move ... lol!

    I'm glad you feel better about your decision. Sometimes we need to get out of our ruts (trust me, I feel like I'm in one now myself... lol). We're behind you 100%.