Wednesday, 2 March 2005


Due to cut backs at Royal Mail our local sorting office doesn't have enough staff to cover for staff who are sick or on holiday. Consiquently everytime our regular morning postman is off our deliveries go tits-up.

The first post is suposed to be deliverd at 8am. Yesterday we didn't get any post untill 11am. At 11.30am a bloke from a near by office poped round with a bag of our mail which had been deliverd to them by mistake . . . . and when our regular afternoon postie turned up to collect our out-going mail at 3.30pm he had large sack of our mail that should have been deliverd that morning.

He said he'd found it in the corner of the sorting office. Someone had forgotten to put it in our morning delivery. He also said something along the line of 'they're all stupid bastards who can't think for themselves everyone denied it was their mistake!' He was not pleased. Neither were the boys in the post room . . . . so they all had spot of tiffin to calm down.

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