Tuesday, 1 March 2005


While I'm on the subject, why does the show have to be called 'Americas next top model'?
Yes, it is being held in America and all of the contestants are American but surely 'Top Models' work internationaly? In Birtian we had the show 'Model Behaviour' which worked in a similar way what was wrong with that title? (I know they rae now planning Britans next top model but thats becouse it is the same production company running it.)

Why American idol? In the UK and (I believe) every other country the show has been franchised in it has been called Pop Idol. What's wrong with that name, did the TV company think the US audieccne wouldn't understand the word pop? or did they thenk they would get extra viewers by apealing to the mindlessly nationalistic brigade ?

Why do they have to relabel everything 'American' what’s wrong with the generic names used all over the rest of the world?


  1. Hey, I agree with you about the Model thing. I have come to realize that most other countries bring in the top models in today's world. As for "American Idol," I don't watch it, but I'm pretty sure that they called it that because they only tour in America. I'm peeved at them in general based on the "iconic" value they look in the people before they listen to the voices. I don't know if you heard about the three girls from Nebraska (where I'm from). They didn't get picked because they were "over-weight." Their voices were georgeous and all he saw was 150 pounds of country raised girls. That's what upsets me. But you have some valid ideas! Right on!

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  3. They thought they would get extra viewers by apealing to the mindlessly nationalistic brigade.
    Interestingly, when no-one else takes part in something it then becomes 'World', as in Baseball and Indycar winners are 'World' Champions.

    As an unrelated aside, the first Harry Potter film was relabeled 'Harry Potter and the SORCERERS stone' because most Americans don't know what a philosopher is!

  4. It's American Idol because most Americans don't actually realise there is a "rest of world"
    Also Sparx they probably didn't know what a sorcerer was either.

  5. Its what makes American TV great; mindless TV about people we pretend to care about. Of course its totally addictive and I watch ANTM religiously, but there are plenty of us that watch it with sarcasm http://www.pammyland.com/2005/03/poll-best-episode-yet.html#comments