Thursday, 3 March 2005

hot topics of chav conversation

Yesterday the chavs were debating age differences in relationships. Apparently it's OK for a 28 year old to go out with a 24 year old but not a 26 year old (specifically Jordan) to go out with a 19 year old, specifically (Gareth Gates).

Who ever gave chav A that copy of Jordans autobiography has a lot to answer for.

According to the chavs there is a gay one on Eastenders who gets loads of fan mail. They just can't understand it because "he's not fit at all!". But, as they point out there's no accounting for taste. They illustrated this point by pointing out the fact that Dennis was really popular and they didn't fancy him, he wasn't their type (no Burbery or sovrign rings).

G889 would like to point out that comments relating to the fancyability of Nigel Harmon in no way reflect on the opinions of the author (even though his name is Nigel *shudder*) - EG

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