Friday, 4 March 2005


The chavs in the corner have labled people who go to the cinema on thier own 'Saddos'.

What the hell's wrong with going the cinema on your own?

I do it all the time and there is noting sad about it. In fact, I would say that it shows I am a much more well rounded, stable and independant person they they could ever hope to be. Francly the thought of not being able to sit in a room starting at a screen on my own for an hour an a half with out the emotonal support of someone else is ludicrus.

I get to see what I want, when I want. I don't have to wait around for someone else to consent to acompany me, and then sit is silence next to me so that people don't label me a 'Billy no mates'. I'm just not that emotianaly insecure. It does my self image no harm to be seen on my own in public.

I don't have to put up with someone drinking all my coke then eating my popcorn. If I want to talk about the move afterwards I go online or call a friend I know has already seen it or strike up a conversation with some one coming out of the same film who seems to be on their own too.

I like going to the cinema on my own. Ok, I am willing to admit that sometimes it is nice to have company, I won't deny it. If a friend askes me to go with them I'll galdly accept and I have asked friends if they'd like to come along. But if they say 'no' It's no problem I just go on my own.


  1. Yeah but whats like the point yeah of goin' to a cinema like if you're jus' goin' to watch the film yeah? Cus but like you need all your crew 'round you yeah to talk like reeaaally loudly at each other and play each other your new ringtone on your pucker new smartphone that your brothers mate Darren got off this bloke he knows down the pub who's a bit dodgy right but a right geezer and a right old laarrf yeah and you've got to throw popcorn and sweet wrappers and stuff at those sad 'no-mates' sitting on their own and they're right mingin' and probably gay anyway yeah.

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  4. Im sorry. This useless bleeding firewall we have at work plays havoc with Blogger. Feel free to delete as many as you feel necessary.