Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Tales from the Gym

This morning I went to the gym before work. I nearly fell off the treadmill.

The guy at reception didn't seem too bothered when I told him about the dodgy belt that kept slipping. Even if he bothers to report it to the management they probably won't do anything about it. They'll probably just think that the fat bint is making excuses for only doing a pitifully short session on it. (Shows what they know, I can now run twice as far as when I first started exercising. I'm slowly making progress !)

Someone else will probably fall off that treadmill and crack their head open on the stepper. They'll probably sue the gym for negligence and when I hear about it I'll laugh an evil laugh and then give a sworn statement to the guy from Injury lawyers for you saying that I reported the dodgy treadmill and the management did nothing about it. And then they'll go bankrupt and I'll laugh evilly again. That'll teach those smug gym bastards a lesson.

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