Friday, 10 December 2004

secret santa

Lyndsey is organising our office Secret Santa. She's goeing a bit over board with the excitement of it all.

After several cajoling emails 28 people have agreed to participate and the names are being picked our of the hat this afternoon. This may not sound particularly over the top to you , but this is simply becouse I haven't told you that Lyndsey has bought a sparkly glitter outfit the wear whilst giving out the names. She's also planning a trip to the supermarket for a big bag of sweets to give out as people pick their names " so the people who aren't doing it will get jealous".

I hope she gets mint humbugs so I can say "Bah!" when she gives me one.


  1. A sparkly glitter outfit...the very thought makes me cringe. Unless it's one of those naughty elf...never mind. I'll get me coat.

    I'm just condescending about it, because we're a bunch of scrooges who don't do that kind of thing.

  2. well you boring gits are missing out on more presents and i think you should take it upon your self to organise a secret santa in your office and put up some decorations which I doubt you have done already.

  3. I work in an office on my own. The closest thing I've got to decorations is a bit of tinsel round the picture of the Shat.

    And it'd be a bit sad arranging to do "Secret Santa" with myself.

    "Wow, that's ace U-B, I wonder who got you that?"
    "I have no idea U-B, let's ask U-B and see if he knows."
    "Sorry U-B I have no idea who got that."