Tuesday, 7 December 2004

booker t special

Last night I got beaten up by a four year old.

I got choke-slammed 'Big Show' style, Jumped on a la 'Booker T Special' and kneed in the stomach thanks to John Seena. My tag team partner Tinky Winky was absolutely no use and lay on the floor grinning while I was pummelled and my opponents tag team partner Action Man jeered from the other side of the bed - I mean ring.

Three quarters of the way through my pummelling my opponents 9 year old brother entered the fracas and instead of coming to my aid, proceeded to pin me down while his brother attempted an ankle lock followed by an elbow slam into my spine. Tinky Winky didn't even bother try and tag me out. I think he was intimidated by action mans six pack.

WWE has a lot to answer for.

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