Monday, 6 December 2004

something for the weekend

Saturday I did a basic first aid course with the red cross - I am now a fully qualified First aider and I have a certificate to proove it.

Unfortunately, I some how managed to set my alarm clock forward one hour and got up at 5.30 instead of 6.30 and was in Hammersmith for 8 am instead of 9. I honestly wondered why it was so dark outside and didn't twig until I looked at my watch to see when the bus was due. I spent a fun hour seeing how long I could make a cup of tea last (45 mins!) so I could stay nice and warm inside a Coffee shop in the bus station.

The course was a bit shite, but I did get to practice the kiss of life on a resusci-annie doll and learnt how to tie a bandage and 2 different types of arm sling.

Yesterday, I went shopping for xmas prezzies and ended up buying myself a karaoke machine instead. I've always wanted a karaoke machine and boy is it going to get a workout over Christmas.

If you spot karaoke tapes on sale anywhere let me know !!!


  1. Hello! Have returned from my jaunt to for'n parts, and was amused to read this. Mainly because I was supposed to be on the self-same course in Hammersmith! I cancelled off however, because I was buggered if I was going to put off my holiday again...

    Karaoke is a bad, wrong thing. I was at a party with karaoke a few weeks ago, and I regret every minute...

    P.S. Ta for the link on your sidebar!

  2. OMG, small world !!!
    How was your holiday, was it cold oop north?
    The link is the least I could do for all your lovely comments.

  3. It was lovely and crisp. I miss it up there - I've so got to move back at some point!

    And in relation to the next post, at least you didn't get a Stone Cold Stunner. Or that thing Kurt Angle used to do.