Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Gatwick Airport has 2 Terminals

Airline informtion desk
Me: Hi, What time does check-in open ?
Lady: Check-in? We don't have any flights today.
Me: Are you sure?
Lady: Yes, are you in the que? get in the que and I'll answer your questions.
BITCH, why can't you answer my question now? are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack?
Me: Oh, Ok....
30 seconds later
Man: Hi!
Me: That woman just told me there aren't any flights today. I'm sure my flight is today.
Man:No, there's no flights today...I think there's one from Heathrow.
FUCK! how am I going to get to heathrow before check-in closes. I'm sure it was Gatwick. It was definaly Gatwick unless it was Heathrow..

Man: Do you have your ticket?
Me: No! they didn't send me one they said they would send one in the post but it never arrived, the owman on the phione gave me a refrence number and said that would do. I'm sure she said Gatwick.
I'm so stupid
Man:What time do you think the flight's suposed to be ?
Me: 7.45
Man: Let me just check.
Gets out folder and starts flipping though pages.
Man: Ah! that flight is with service air it's going from North Terminal.
Thank god!!!
Me: Thank you ! I nearly has a heart attack ethinking I has the wrong day!!!
Man: Ha ha, Turn left and follow the signs to the shuttle train to North Terminal.
Me: Thank you !!!

Thankfuly the rest of the journey was much less eventful!

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  1. Where were you going? I'm envious - could do with a holiday!