Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Who would you shag ?

Who would you shag if you got the chance to shag a celebrity of the same sex as you ?

This was the question posed by Josephine in the pub on Friday night. For the boys it was almost a unanimous vote for Brad Pitt in Fight Club (with one odd-ball vote for Marvin Gaye, becouse he'd have a great scream.)

The girls were more diverse in their choices with one vote for Madona - just becouse she's Madona and therefore would be great and you'd have shagged Madona. One vote for Britney Spears becouse she'd be a dirty shag and two undecided.

Christina Aguillera was universaly rejected by all the girls (sorry Christina) as being just too dirty for our liking and a resolute no was given to any and all supermodel types and Sienna Miller. Michelle Rodriguez from Girl Fight was a strong contender (a bit of rough maybe?) as was J-Lo surprisingly.


  1. Yep, you've got to say Brad Pitt in Fight Club does rule. Although I'd also take an option on Thierry Henry if that was OK...

    Christina is just wrong. She's just so OTT that she's not attractive. May I suggest for the undecided people Emmanuelle Beart? I luuuurrrrvve her and so do most of my female friends.

  2. I'll have to look her up on IMDB as I have no idea who she is !

  3. Tink www.quirkyanarchy.com.
    If I were to shag a celebrity of the same sex, I would definitly go for Angelina Jolie.
    Who doesn't find her sexy?