Monday, 22 November 2004

the reason I was at Gatwick

I'm just back from a week in Malta (hence the Gatwick debacle).
It was cold and windy and I wore my sweatshirt most days. I was quite disappointed. I mean I knew it wouldn't be hot, but I thought it would at least be warm. There was one fairly warm day when i only wore a thin cardi over my t-shirt but apart form that i was wrapped up nice and warm. I even wore socks to bed !
I shouldn't complain though because at least it didn't rain. Apparently it doesn't rain often but when it does it's torrential and everything floods and I mean the streets literally turn into rivers.

It's surprising to realize that when you can't spend time laying in the sun by the pool or at the beach most holiday destinations are incredibly boring. There is little to do apart form visit really poor quality museums and go window-shopping. Though I suppose I should be grateful for that because if it had been a Spanish or Greek Island I wouldn't have even have had the amateurish museums to fall back on. Malta has a lot of history- most of it military from medieval to WW2, and boy do they like to tell you about it.

I suppose I had an Ok time though, I went to the cinema and saw Bridget Jones: the edge of reason. It was hilarious!
I ate too much pizza and drank some hot chocolate that was more like chocolate syrup, and I finished the book I started months ago and lost interest in (not The Waitress, another one which I will tell you about later), and I discovered a whole new terminal at Gatwick, so all in all not a bad result.


  1. Welcome back - it's nice to see you again!

    Can't be that much of a culture shock coming back to find it's raining - the weather in Malta sounds pretty grim!

    Hot chocolate like chocolate syrup? That sounds like Heaven! There's a place in Chiswick that does stuff like that - completely wall-to-wall chocolate. Yet the staff clearly don't partake in it, because they're all good looking and thin. Boooooo! to the good looking thin people!

    Looking forward to hearing about this book now...

    P.S. Did you find out who Emmanuelle Beart was?!!!

  2. I did check her out, and she is quite pritty except where she has blond hair, I wasn't too keen on that. But if the subject ever comes up again I will definatly be sugesting her for the undecided!

  3. Yeah, it is funny - I prefer brown or black hair normally, but's Emmanuelle Beart, she'd look gorgeous with green hair.