Tuesday, 14 September 2004

I am being unreasonable ?

When I seriously started thinking about going to Canada for a year I bought the Lonely Planet guide to Canada. I have never read it or even opened up the front cover. When my sister finished uni and couldn't find a job she decided that she is now going to Canada and is leaving in 2 months. I now no longer want to go to Canada - there are lots of complicated reasons which I won't go into.

While my sister was snooping in my room she spotted the Canada guide and asked if she could read it. I said she might as well buy it form me as she was definitely going and I have no use for it. She said how much and I replied 'the amount I paid for it' -obviously -'it's brand new and I've
never even opened it'. She got in a huff and stormed off accusing me of being ridiculous.

Am I being ridiculous ? I think she is being cheap. She is definitely going and if she buys it from me she can take it with her, write on it or destroy it as she pleases. I'm not going to get to use it so why should i give it to her for free ?
I might add that she is not the type of person who would give anything away for free or repay a debt. I have been extremely generous with her in the past only to be faced with open hostility and disdain when asking for the smallest favour or return.


  1. I certainly don't think you're being unreasonable - it make perfect sense given that it is in "off-the-shelf" condition.

    But by the same token, I can see her point. People automatically assume that if you're willing to sell something, it comes cheaper than normal - she was probably expecting you'd say a fiver or something.

    I think the assumption is that if it has passed through someone else's hands, it is automatically "second-hand", even if said person has just bought it home and left it in the bag. And I think there's a certain expectation that because people are your friends/relatives, they'll do you a good deal.

    But there's nor eason why you should knock money off if it hasn't been used. It'd just be a favour, or goodwill, but by the sounds of it, your sister has used up her goodwill.

  2. Yay, I'm glad you agree with me !