Thursday, 16 September 2004

Great start to the day

Walking to the station this morning I was shocked out of my daydreams by a tirade of four letter abuse. It wasn't directed at me but at a five year old girl.

"What the fuck do you think you're doin'?"
"Get the fuck over here you little shit!"
"Don't fuckin' do that, BITCH"

Quite naturally I was shocked to hear that kind of language directed at a child so loudly and so early in the morning.
I'm not naive. I know there are plenty of people who think nothing of hurling this kind of abuse at children, but to be screaming it in the street at 8 in the morning? What could have the child possibly have done to get someone that pissed off and angry?

As I passed the irate woman she started on me-although not as loud an hysterical "Fuckin' lookin' at me. I can say what I want to my fuckin' child, it's my fuckin' daughter"
I ignored her and kept on walking. I really don't think an argument with a complete stranger is what I need to start my day off. besides what good would have it done ? People like that don't regard the opinion of others, if they did they wouldn't be behaving like that in the first place.


  1. Sorry, don't mean to be kind of stalking your blog, but it's highly entertaining / disturbing reading.

    Sounds like typical London life to me. You either get sworn at by a complete stranger, or made to feel two foot tall by people who are just so INCREDIBLY cool that to even appear in their vicinity is to lower their coolness factor and so incite their anger.

    Actually, Ross Noble had a good story about being sworn at in the street the other day. He was walking in Liverpool and saw a couple of girls nearby. One of them was eating chips and an ice cream, the other was approaching from a distance and squawking "Claire! Claire!". This one was surrounded by seagulls, who were all squawking "Caw! Caw!" can see where this is going. Anyway, Ross Noble made the fatal mistake of singgering, at which point he was confronted by the irate teenager ho used language much the same as that which you described. In his own words:

    "So much rage in such a small track suit."

  2. Hi U-B, I love that someone is coming back to read my blog. It's reassuring to know that what I'm writing isn't complete crap!

    I know what you mean about cool people or 'trendy-fuckers' as I like to call them. They never fail to intimidate me, but I have learnt to carry on regardless, most of the time...

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  4. Hmm - realised i put a spelling mistake in the last comment so pulled it. Fool boy that I am.

    Anyway, I was basically agreeing with you about "trendy-fuckers". I think they're over-compensating for something: perhaps a chronic lack of love, or that they didn't get enough hugs as a child.

    Keep up the good work - your blog is a pleasure to read.