Monday, 13 September 2004


Someone tried to steal my cat. More specifically 2 little girls aged about 8 tried to steal my cat.
Apparently they picked him up and started walking off down the street. If my mother hadn't spotted their shenanigans and shouted at them, who knows what would have happend? Thankfully the little scoundrels dropped Lucky and apologised before running off, but still - why try and steel my smelly old cat ?!

The crazy woman down the street who thinks we have been neglecting him has been feeding him. We have found 3 empty foil cat food containers in the corner of our garden next to the bin. Soon she will realise that no matter how much the old boy eats he stays thin as a rake (and no it's not because he has worms - He is regularly de wormed. H just has an incredible metabolism. The kind of metabolism that women the world over would kill for.

1 comment:

  1. Cat-napping is just wrong. Although I've been guilty of cat-stalking (there's a REALLY great cat lives down the way from us) cat-napping is beyond the pale.

    I trust the evil 8 year olds received a suitable punishment. Cleaning out the litter tray usually works...