Sunday, 6 January 2013

Holy Fuck, I found a grey hair!

A mother fucking grey hair. What a way to welcome the new year.

I started 2012 as a fat single 34 year old with a cat. 
I started 2013 a fat single 35 year old with 4 cats.

I swore I wouldn't get attached to Twinkles's 5 kittens. I planned to give all but one away. But, the more time I spent watching them and playing with them, the more I became attached and when we could only find homes for 2 of them...well the rest is history. 

The Olympics arrived and I spent 2 and a bit weeks as a Games Maker at Wembley Arena during the Badminton and the Rhythmic Gymnastics. I miss being a Games Maker, I felt special and I really miss the Games Maker nod.  When on my way to or from a shift and I spotted another Games Maker we would give each other a little nod of recognizing our superiority over those mere mortals who did not share the privilege of Games Makerdom. (I can be am a terrible snob about anything!)

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