Friday, 24 June 2011

crazy office girl - again !!!

You may remember that I work for a charity - and you may have heard that times are tough in the charity sector, as no one has any money. Well our charity decided to work around this problem by making a round of redundancies. Not to my role for I am far to excellent and vital to the organisation - but to Crazy Office Girl's department and happily to Crazy office gril herself - SCORE !!!

I was happy.

Then it was announced that we had found funding for a new project, this was good news. Then it was announced that they were giving the new project to Crazy office girl - this was bad news.

She is STILL sitting next to me. She is still mental.

On Wednesday my work friend was leaving for a better and more well paid job and I was feeling pretty down about it. I had volunteered help out at a work do in the evening and was hoping it would take my mind off my loss.

I have helped out with this annual event for the last 4 years in a row and at the end of last years event we had decided to do things slightly differently to make things run smoother. However the event organiser forgot all about the proposed changes and when she came over to brief Crazy Office girl (who had also volunteered) she started to give her the wrong information.

Naturally, I stepped in to remind the event organiser of the planned changes so that she could give the correct info to Crazy Office Girl. Who suddenly tuned into Psycho Bitch from Office Hell and went into one because I interrupted her conversation.

The whole office went quiet with bewilderment at her mental behaviour and I now have even more motivation to find myself a another (better) job.

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