Monday, 7 July 2008

The Lost Moon of Poosh

Rather like an annoying song that gets stuck in on a loop in your head. I have the words ‘The Lost Moon of Poosh’ firmly embedded in my cerebral cortex. Why ? I don't know. That episode of Dr Who was on two days ago. Maybe, its becouse the words have a nice ring to them.

The lost moon of Pooshe disappeared mysteriously thousands of year ago when it was stolen by the Daleks to be used as part of a giant solar system sized death ray designed to wipe out every life form in this and every other universe leaving the Daleks as the only life form in existence.

But the fatal flaw in their thinking was thus. With every other life form in this and every other reality dead. Who would they bully. There would be no planets to invade, no people to ‘Exterminaten!’ what would they do until the end of the universe? Play chess?

They should be glad the Human-Time Lord hybrid Doctor exterminated them all. He saved them from an eternity of boredom.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh but it was the "Moon of Poosh", before it was lost!

    A lot of people are saying, "The lost moon of Poosh, went missing..." blah blah!!!

    OK sorry I am sad.. ignore this! LOL