Friday, 13 June 2008

happy birthday to me

Today (actualy yesterday as its just past midnight) was a surprisingly pleasant day. I was served carrot cake for breakfast and given a nice bottle of eau de toillete and then went to the west end with Mother Earth who treated me to some new clothes. I have not had new clothes for 6 months thanks to me getting even fatter and this seasons trends looking f***ing awful on me. Mother Earth persuaded me to try on some items I would not normaly have gone for, which actualy looked quite nice.

We stopped for drinks at the Courthouse hotel, and made our selves at home in one of the converted jail cells for the duration of a plate of potato wedges and 2 diet cokes.

Then came the moment I had been dreading since Mummy dearest sprung her surprise on me Nemisis would be joining us for dinner.

I resolved to practice being insincere and actualy managed a smile and a fake cheery 'hello' when she finally arrived. She had been searching for a present for me. I was expecting something brilliant. I got a Boarders gift voucher. And while vouchers for book shops are always apreciated its hardly creative or imaginative or worth a 30 minute wait.

Surprisingly she was pleaseant compeny through dinner and it turns out we will both be in the press section of the same rock festival in Hyde Park later this month. We parted company at the tube station with an awkward Goodbye and half harted finger wave.

We will never be friends, but not living together has made her company tolerable.

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