Sunday, 6 April 2008

Olympic Torch Relay

Despite the traffic and the packed tube and football fans peeing in shop doorways living in Wembley dose have a few benefits. Today the Olympic torch passed right by the end of my road; and so wrapped up in 5 layers of warm clothing I braved the snow and ventured to the Harrow road for a good look. Sheltering in a bus stop I soon got chatting to a woman and her elderly father who were also waiting for the torch procession.

As far as we could see we were the only people on our mile or so stretch of road who had ventured out to witness the occasion. But then that's the citizens of Wembley for you - apathetic to the core.

We waited and waited in the cold for the procession to arrive. 8 police men on bicycles passed. Several buses passed. And just when we were debating the possibility that the whole event might have been called off due to bad weather were finally greeted by a motorcade of police motorbikes with blue lights flashing.

Followed by 2 meat wagons and several more motor bikes. And another meat wagon, and more motorbikes and a lorry full of camera crews, and then finally the torch on the top deck of an open topped bus.

I caught a brief glimpse of blue - I'm assuming it was the flame, as the bus sped by rather more quickly than we had expected, which meant I didn't manage to actually get a picture of it. But as you can see I do have a rather crap shot of the back of the bus.

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  1. Were the buses full of blue track suited security guards? I'm sure the footie fans peeing doorways were not from Cardiff. We wouldnt do that sort of thing........would wee ??????

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