Friday, 4 April 2008

I have lots to blog about

I really do have lots to bog about, despite what my lack of actual blogging may lead you to believe. So I have decided to risk a sacking and spend the lat 15 minutes of my working day writing a post.

As I may have mentioned before I had the 2 weeks either side of Easter off work. I spent the first week wishing I was back at work, because I was THAT BORED. I spent the days wandering aimlessly around the West End window shopping because there was nothing I needed or wanted or could afford even if I did need/want it.

I ate lunch at the funky Korean restaurant thrice, I ate lunch at Ping Pong twice, and I ate lunch at Yo Sushi once. I have decided to stop going to Yo Sushi because it's too expensive and their customer service is shit. I have vowed never to go to Ping pong again as their customer service is worse than ABOMINABLE.

I went to the Foundling Museum but didn't go in because you had to pay. I planned to go to the Harlequin Shopping centre in watford -for a change of scenery; but I couldn't be bothered.

As previously stated I ate a whole chocolate bunny by my self. I also ate a whole cadburys Easter egg and 2 cadburys cream eggs.

I went to Prague for 3 days with my mother (more on that later). I flew into Terminal 5 and didn't have a single problem.

I chose a new book for my book group.

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