Monday, 28 January 2008

Chris Rock live at the Hammersmith Apollo

When I first saw the Chris Rock show advertised all those months ago I was so excited I shelled out £40 for a ticket without blinking. I waited and waited and waited paitently for Chris to arrive in the UK. He hit the the talk show circuitsoon after he arrived. My ticket was for the lat day of the tour and I consumed his interviews with enthusiasm as it was nearly 2 weeks until I'll see him live. With every interview I watched on the TV or heard on the radio I became less and less excited.

Chris was crap.

He had one joke which he repeated in every interview. "Any country that considers darts a sport has a drink problem." Ha. Maybe it was funny the first time, maybe its funny when he’s on stage – I’d never know. My apathy had become so complete that I completely forgot about my ticket.

On Saturday as I slapped my Oyster card on the yellow pad I looked up to see the ticket booth. ‘It’s nearly the end of the month’ I thought ‘Time to renew my monthly travel card . . . that Chris Rock show is on at the end of the month I must look at the ticket and check the date'.

Date on the ticket : Friday 25th January 2008
Date today : Saturday 26th January 2008

Surprisingly. I’m not actually that bothered. Even considering the fact that I wasted £40.


  1. I did something similar the other week bought train tickets for Sunday 1st. March !!!!

  2. if you think chris rock is crap your a bigger fool than you sound

  3. You're retarded. I just found your blog looking for highlights for this show, which I saw, and was one of the funniest things I've been to. I waited an hour until scalpers would give me a ticekt for 40 pounds, and I would have paid 80 if I had known how good it was.

    I guess you're one of the ones thats going to have a struggling relationship.

  4. I agree chris rock is crap - i saw a video of him - so dull compared to the best uk comedians - no spontinaeity (spelling??). Russell Howard and Jimmy carr are much better