Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Tonight I'm gonna party like its 1999 !

Becouse it is, in Ethiopia. Yes, just like just about everything thing else in the world Ethiopians are contrary about the data and use the Julian calandar instead of the European one (I can't remeber the name - and I can't be botherd to google it). So Ethiopia is 7 years behind the westernised world but that just means that all the Ethiopians/British-Ethiopians/Britons of Ethiopian desent in London get to celebrate the millenium all over again in Trafalgar Square tonight !

I must say that i am disapointed by the lack of publicity being given to this event - its not even listed on the Events section of the Trafalgar Sq web site. And Red Ken has failed to issue a press release praising the event as an example of Londons cultural diversity (the wanker). But anyway ....

The Millenium celebrations in Addis Abbaba look spectacular with a massive concert featuring all of the Ethiopian pop stars and Beyonce and the Black eyes peas should be quite a party.

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